Our History

Incorporated in 1981, Cummings Vacuum Service, Inc. was established to provide vacuum truck services to the local Kern County oilfields. Pam Cummings, Ted Cummings, Elvina Cummings, and Ray Cummings shared ownership with equal shares and experienced tremendous growth, rapidly growing the fleet to over 50 trucks within a few short years. Soon, the company held contracts with several local oil companies.

In 1988, contracts diminished due to rising competition, as well as the company’s transition into the hazardous waste and remedial action transportation business. This business primarily transported waste material using end dump and roll-off trucks from customer locations to approved waste facilities. In 2001, Pam and Ted Cummings purchased the shares of Elvina and Ray Cummings to become sole owners with Pam Cummings as President and Ted Cummings as Vice President.

The switch in ownership led the company to re-evaluate the business, ultimately resulting in a reorganization and paradigm shift. Leaner management, and a strong emphasis on safety helped the company undergo further changes. In 2005, due to greater competition in the waste management transportation business, the company returned to an emphasis on supplying vacuum trucks to the local oilfields. That shift was instrumental in rocketing the company back to the forefront, holding contracts with four major oil companies. Cummings has built its reputation on safety and service. The company’s incredible safety record and commitment to service has increased demand for services and created a sustainable business model.