Management Team

Pam Cummings


One of the four original owners, Pam Cummings functioned not only as owner, but also managed all office functions. In 1999, she became President of the company and Chairman of the Board. The company has flourished under her leadership. Although she is still active in daily office duties, her primary role has been to lead the company in its outstanding safety performance, acting as Corporate Safety Officer. All Safety Coordinators report directly to Pam. Her expertise and her commitment to safety have successfully propelled the company into a recognizable entity with a solid financial base.

Ted Cummings

Vice President

Also one of the original four owners, Ted Cummings started not only as an owner, but also managed all operational functions of the company. Ted developed relationships with key players in the industry resulting in the original acquisition of contracts to provide vacuum truck services to the local oilfields. Ted’s hands-on approach has kept the goal in constant focus. As Vice President, Ted Cummings is the primary ambassador to all major customers.

Tom Pruitt

Tom Pruitt

General Manager

Tom Pruitt joined Cummings Vacuum Service, Inc. in 1999 as Environmental Manager. Within a few short years, he advanced to General Manager. In this role, Tom directs the management of all company departments under Pam Cumming’s and Ted Cummings leadership. In addition, Tom functions as Company Financial Manager. With two degrees in Chemistry and two degrees in Business, including an MBA from California State University (CSUB), Tom is uniquely suited for this challenging and rewarding position. In addition, Tom serves as the Responsible Managing Employee (RME) of the company’s California Engineering Contractors License.