About Us

The Leader in Oilfield, Industrial, Environmental and Construction Transportation since 1981

Our Corporate Vision

To our customers:

Our vision is to provide transportation services that exceed customer expectations in the areas of safety and service. Our goal is to be the number 1 choice of our customers by following the values of treating our people as we want to be treated; with honesty and transparency.

To our employees:

To attract, train, and retain qualified employees while providing fair compensation including pay and benefits. Our goal is to hire people with good character and strong moral values. Cummings Transportation treats all employees with honesty and respect.

To our community:

We proudly support local vendors for all purchases whenever possible. Our commitment to our community is participation in local, state, and federal government to promote conservative Christian ideals. Cummings Transportation proudly supports local charities.

Mission Statement

To exemplify good moral and Christian values among our employees, customers, and vendors while making our workplace an uplifting experience. We treat others as we want to be treated; with honesty and transparency while doing so in a professional manner with exemplary conduct and appearance.

Culture Statement

  1. I give 100% commitment to everything I do until I succeed. I am committed to the Vision, Mission, and Culture.
  2. I am responsible for my actions and outcomes and own everything that takes place in my work and personal life.
  3. I always speak the truth and deliver on all promises.
  4. I always deliver exceptional quality services. Just being “Good” isn’t good enough.
  5. I hold the utmost respect for all of my team members and customers, both publicly and privately. I continuously strive to use empowering and positive conversation. I greet and say goodbye to all, using their names.
  6. I take pride in my achievements and learn from my mistakes. I am responsible and accountable for all of my actions, or lack thereof.
  7. I dress for success. I am a reflection of the company and strive for those around me to know that I work for a professional company.

Our History

Cummings Vacuum Service, Inc. was incorporated in 1981 to provide vacuum truck services in the Kern County oilfields. Pam Cummings, Ted Cummings, Elvina Cummings and Ray Cummings shared ownership and experienced tremendous growth, growing the fleet to more than 50 trucks and holding contracts with several local oil companies within just a few years.

In 1988, the company expanded to also transport hazardous waste and materials from environmental remedial projects. This primarily involves transporting waste material using end dump and roll-off trucks from customer locations to approved waste facilities. In 2001, Pam and Ted Cummings purchased the shares of Elvina and Ray Cummings to become the company’s sole owners. Pam Cummings was appointed President, and Ted Cummings became Vice President.

At this point, the company underwent a reorganization and paradigm shift. Leaner management and a strong emphasis on safety helped the company continue to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of its customers.

Throughout its history, Cummings has built its reputation on safety, service and partnership.

Our Leadership

Pam Cummings


One of the four original owners, Pam Cummings’s first role managed all of the company’s office functions. In 1999, she became President and Chairman of the Board. The company has flourished under her leadership.

As President, her focus has been to lead the company and build a culture that delivers outstanding safety performance. Pam acts as Corporate Safety Officer. Her expertise and commitment to safety have propelled the company to be a recognizable entity in the industry with stable financial performance.

Ted Cummings

Vice President

Ted Cummings is also one of the original owners of the company. From day one, his focus was managing all operational functions of the company.

Ted developed relationships with key players in the oil and gas industry, establishing contracts to provide vacuum truck services to the local oilfields that form the company’s base business. Ted’s hands-on approach has kept the goal of customer service in constant focus. As Vice President, Ted is the primary ambassador for all of our major accounts.

Tom Pruitt

General Manager

Tom Pruitt joined Cummings Vacuum Service, Inc. in 1999 as Environmental Manager. Within a few years, he was promoted to General Manager. As General Manager, Tom directs all company departments, under Pam Cummings’ and Ted Cummings’ leadership.

In addition, Tom functions as the Company Financial Manager. With two degrees in Chemistry, two degrees in Business, including an MBA from California State University, Bakersfield, and decades of experience in the transportation industry, Tom has a unique grasp on our customers’ needs. In addition, Tom serves as the Responsible Managing Employee (RME) of the company’s California Engineering Contractors License.

Management and Administrative Staff​

Alexandra Cummings
Robin Shipp

Accounting Clerk

David Stitt

Shop Manager

Taylor White

Sales and Marketing Manager

Brad Roskam

Safety Manager

Shiloh Smith

Belridge Manager